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Tasting Venues

WineFest at St Michaels is a unique "streetscape" wine festival. Unlike other wine festivals, WineFest isn't only one location. Instead, WineFest at St Michaels is held throughout the entire town of St Michaels with dedicated "Pouring Venues" all around town. Look for the official WineFest Pouring Venue signs or follow along with the WineFest Map (but honestly the tents are hard to miss).

WineFest 2019 Map

Click the map to open as a pdf

Beautiful St Michaels, MD

Shopping and St. Michaels go together just like peas and carrots. We are blessed with a wide range of wonderful small boutique shops and many artisan craft vendors here for WineFest

WineFest Map

Over 400 Amazing Wines

Experience the premiere international wine tasting event in Maryland, enjoy hundreds of domestic and international wines, delicious gourmet foods and a relaxing stroll through beautiful St Michaels, MD . Discover a new favorite wine or revisit that hard to find wine from last year.