Something to Wine About™

This year we have added a special treat for Sunday at Noon!  The Kemp House Venue will be featuring "Something to Wine About", an award winning treatise by Laurie Forster, "The Wine Coach".  

Radio personality, award-winning sommelier and comedian, Laurie Forster, delivers an edgy, off-beat hilarious show where wine meets punch line. In her Jersey no holds barred approach to “wine education,” Forster peels back the labels of a few of her favorite wines while exposing some deep secrets of the wine industry and why she thinks it’s so funny! Relax with a glass (or four!) of wine, because with Forster there are no formalities when it comes to drinking.  This is a “tasting” you will never forget.
Something to Wine About™ is an original comedy show & wine tasting that includes on-stage audience participation. During the show, Forster leaves no stone unturned when it comes to talking about wine and why we like it. Maybe you love the full body of a Malbec or the crisp acidity of a Pinot Grigio. Who knows? Who cares? But by the end of this show three things are certain. You are confident about what you like, exhausted from laughing and completely excited about your next four hours of tasting at Winefest at St. Michaels.  

Tickets to Laurie's show at noon on Sunday include wine tastings, light fare and unlimited laughs. Seating is limited so advance purchase is suggested.  A regular ticket to Winefest is also required to attend Laurie’s show.  

*SOMETHING TO WINE ABOUT™ - ticket price $40*